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A preview of all the work that was done in 2021; NetApp + IMM.
While fiscal year 2022 certainly felt a lot like Groundhog’s Day, we must give credit where credit is due.

Together, NetApp + IMM created a staggering amount of impactful, award-winning work from our respective spare bedrooms, broom closets and mountain lairs over the past year.
Corien de Jong, CXO
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Rethinking Demand Generation
In FY2022, IMM set out to drive conversion through powerful concept-led creativity.

We expanded the efficacy of our content-toolbox with engaging new digital experiences.
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The Power of
As the saying goes, we’re only as good as the company we keep—good thing we’ve got so many friends in high places.

Last year we continued building NetApp’s credibility as the storage specialists by highlighting why the biggest names in the biz choose to partner with NetApp.
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Innovate or die. Harsh words, but the reality of the data business today.

To continuously re-earn our customer’s consideration, we focused on making the hot topics and bleeding edges of our world feel a little less intimidating with NetApp by their side.
Laying a Strategic Foundation
More than an always-on content hub, NTV represents a seismic shift in how NetApp works as a marketing organization.

To ensure the success of an initiative of this importance, we collaborated to lay a stable foundation rooted in content strategy that will showcase NetApp’s thought-leadership and brand vision.
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Award-winning Creative
While performance data and KPIs are our go-to view of whether the work is working, a shiny trophy now and then sure makes us feel special.

This year we couldn’t help but crow about the standout work that has come out of our partnership.

The Marketing Alliance agreed, and now we’ve got some brand new hardware twinkling on the mantle.
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